Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain Artists
As the mighty rivers  flow, so the creative spirit grows.

Artists are spirit-driven creatures imitating life into art as an external expression of their internal impression.  It’s the nature of this creative spirit that longs to emerge and present itself in the form of natural magic, seeing that which isn’t as though it is, bringing that inspired vision into manifestation. There is an internal craving for creative souls to express themselves in whatever medium inspires them, to share with others a sense of who they are through their art.

This creative force must make itself visible whether it’s in a composition of art or the pure joy of living, only then can this inner drive find peace and a sense of fulfillment.

By the innocent raw nature of our spirit, we are all creative beings. Everyone is gifted in some way, all with the need to express him or herself. Like the beauty of a single wildflower we all long to be noticed, to make our mark whether it be in a distinctive art form, personal relationship or in our chosen profession.

This is the reason we as a social society love art. Subconsciously we see art as a mystery of creation, itself a stepping-stone into the depths of the unknown, a mythical place where the creative gift dwells. We all long to admire it, embrace it, and possess it in its natural form, allowing us a personal link to the creative power.

Throughout history artisans have laid themselves on the line, opening themselves up for either praise or criticism, often using their own insecurities as a catapult to notoriety. A mostly private society, creative souls long for seclusion in order to focus on creating, using those private hours to reflect and perfect their skills, hoping for a positive reaction from their audience, and their peers.

Artisan have existed throughout the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains from the time of the rock drawings created by ancient Native Americans, to present day artists that continue to migrate to the high country to express their creative nature within the solitude and peace these mountains have to offer.

Locked away from outside distractions, the mountains allow the imaginative soul an opportunity to reconnect with the roots of the creative source within a natural, awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Throughout the year, art festivals abound here in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. From late summer through the fall season art festivals draw artists and art enthusiasts to these great mountains and valleys, all sharing their common love for the creative arts.

The Highlander’s Mountain Art features will lead you into the mountain world of imagination and creativity, guiding you to artists, events, festivals, and live performances.

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